Hey podcaster! 👋 Do you spend too much time away from your microphone, working on tedious tasks like editing, transcripts or logistics?AudioLift.co is here to help. I will do whatever it takes to help you spend as much time as possible in front of the mic.

I can offer any or all of the following:🎧 Audio editing & quality assurance
• I take your raw audio and edit it for release.
• I proof-listen your episode. It will be "ready for release" every time—you can publish without checking it yourself.
• I understand the topics you discuss. Where necessary, I'll make quick editorial decisions, then share a list of these for you to review (with links to the timestamps, of course).
• Episodes delivered on time, every time.
✍️ Podcast management
• Upload new episodes to podcast feeds.
Create and format transcripts.
🚀 Set up new podcasts
• Create your podcast feed.
• Create your podcast website.
• Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes, and any relevant directories.
📋 Logistics
• Book recording studios or deliver recording equipment and setup instructions to your guests, anywhere in the world.
🤔 What else would save you time?
• I am keen to help.


We couldn’t have asked for a better producer than Jason for our podcast. His attention to detail and taste for good audio means that we can trust the edits and chapter markers he delivers without listening back through, saving us hours. Jason’s recording and equipment advice has upped our game, and he’s generally just a great communicator: clear, efficient, and friendly. It’s a privilege to work with him!
- Fin Moorhouse, Hear This Idea

Jason and I have worked together for about half a year. His audio-editing and audio cleanup services have saved me days of work every month. Jason understands the specific requirements of the longtermism and effective altruism communities, and has a good understanding of "value of time". AudioLift is my top recommendation for podcasters who want to spend more time podcasting, and less time on all the rest.
- Peter Hartree, TYPE III AUDIO

I worked with Jason on a series of interviews and podcasts, including editing and audio clean-up. I really appreciated his availability, his interest in the project I was creating and his suggestions for improving the content I was producing. I was very pleased with the result and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.
- Tom Bry-Chevalier, Climate Economics Chair

Jason and I are teaming up for a few years now, editing, mixing and uploading online conferences for the NGO Altruisme Efficace France. It is a pleasure doing this with him because he is conscientious, effective, respectful, and willing to improve processes to make them more efficient. He is also very friendly!
- Marion Seguin, Altruisme Efficace France

Who am I?

My name is Jason Cotrebil. I'm a professionally trained audio-engineer with several years of experience. I work with people in the EA/Longtermism community such as Hear This Idea, TYPE III AUDIO and Joe Carlsmith. When not working, I'm probably at the gym or playing Pokémon.

Some of my recent work

Dewi Erwan interview by Hear This Idea
A 3-part podcast episode of over 2.5 hours on which I did editing, mixing, mastering and encoded chapter markers.

Die Fabel vom tyrannischen Drachen by effektiveraltruismus.audio
A 40 minute german audio narration where I had to put together audios from different sources to make them consistent with each other. I was also responsible for mixing and mastering.

Thoughts on being mortal by Joe Carlsmith
A short audio narration where I had to do some restoration work: remove the reverb, remove background noise and mouth clicks. Mixing and mastering by me as well.

Write to jason@audiolift.co or complete the form below. I'll reply within 1 business day.
🌱 Spring 2024: I currently have good availability, send a message! I can usually start work within 2-3 business days.